7ft x 2 sections Osprey Special Spiral blank spinning rod

Osprey Fishing1.com

$25.00 $29.00

1) Heavy duty aluminium alloy reel seat. 2) Wear resistance Titanium oxide coated guide insert.
3) Compressed cord handle grip.
4) Long handle grip 5) 20-30lb  or 9~15kg action
Spiral wrap spinning rods is closed to unbreakable. 48 ribbons epoxy and carbon ribbons wrap spirally, to  enable to the blank to handle side twist. Fast tip section with a strong power lower section. When casting trip will not wobble, offering a more precise cast. When handling a large fish, the blank is able to double over to a U. Handle grip design to  allow a fighting position from the hip and  arm at 60Deg to min strain.

Special offer : A pair of fishing glove with every purchase of this rod

See it in action handling a big catfish  that is twice it's design limit.
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